Currently, Pratham has developed multiple innovations to promote collaboration between villages. The current innovations in place are Ustaad, Skill Sakhi, EAC, Skill Passport, Digital Skilling and PAL.

Ustaad is an initiative that allows experts from the villages across various fields to teach community members. The teachings can be done at various locations such as villages, workstations, or Pratham Centres. This program allows for collaboration between members of the community and individuals who are passionate about certain topics. An example of the Ustaad program is teaching English to youth in a village or training women in basic stitching. The Ustaad program shows the dedication and passion for helping individuals in their community.

Skill Sakhi is an initiative that was introduced to encourage village volunteers to become representatives of a particular community and a catalyst for multiple programs. Through Skill Sakhi, individuals have been able to recognize issues in villages such as caste issues, early marriage, and lack of access to digital content. In order to celebrate Skill Sakhis, a Skill Sakhi Mela takes place twice a year, and they are able to bring women together to celebrate their growth in multiple skills.

PAL is an initiative created to bring together Pratham’s Alumni Network. Through this initiative, PAL hosts events and assists individuals from the start of training to job placement. Pratham students keep three objectives in mind when hosting events: having fun together, learning together, and helping each other. PAL encourages students to create lifelong memories through celebration and supporting each other.